The Hispano-Arabe is the result of breeding a purebred, registered Andalusian to a purebred, registered Arabian. This Andalusian-Arabian cross ideally produces an intelligent, level-headed, bold-moving horse of superb quality and presence.

The Hispano-Arabe usually ranges between 15 and 16 hands in height. The refinement of the Arabian head carries through; the neck is long, muscular, and well arched, a contribution from the Andalusian. The shapely withers ensure good saddle placement. The body is full and strong with a large chest, deep and muscled with great depth through the heart girth. Also inherited from the Andalusian, the Hispano-Arabe exhibits a solid foundation of ample, extremely dense bone, and well shaped hooves which are extremely strong.

The combination of beauty, along with brilliant, floating action from the Arabian, and the strength, power, and elegance of the Andalusian can only be described as breathtaking.

The Hispano-Arabe has been a long-lived and respected breed in Europe, where it is a popular dressage and pleasure mount, prized for its athletic ability, gentle temperament and regal bearing.

Andalusian-Arabian crosses are eligible for admission to the Hispano-Arabe Registry, the American Warmblood Registry, the 1/2 Arabian Registry, and the 1/2 Andalusian Registry, among others. This enables the breeders and owners to exhibit and show their horses in the arena that best suits their breeding program or riding style.

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