So often, when we mention a breeder, we think of their stallions. With Andalusians, this is especially true...since Andalusian stallions possess a presence and style which captivate all who see them. However, regardless of the quality of the stallion, a good breeder knows that in order to achieve a truly superlative breeding program, those stallions must be complimented by equally great mares.

We feel so honored to own mares of such grace, power, elegance, and quality...passing on their excellence to their foals and to future generations. They are the soul of our farm.


(Leopardo II x Floridita II)


Garbosa XI was our foundation mare, and was without a doubt the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my life. A Reserve National Champion herself, and dam to the Multiple National Champion stallion, well as our lovely mare, Maya......Garbosa left behind a legacy that will live on. In addition, her untimely death has already helped save hundreds of others like her, through the research that was uncovered trying to save her. Click on her photo to read more about this remarkable mare, and to learn more about equine melanomas.



(Hermes x Rabiosa)


Hespera is by the imported National Champion stallion, Hermes, and out of an exceptional imported mare, Rabiosa, Hespera has all of her dam's elegance, and her sire's pizzaz. She had a promising show career ahead of her, but things changed when Hespera broke her knee while playing in the pasture with another weanling at her original home at Rancho Del Valle in Santa Ynez, California.

Hespera arrived here in a soft cast and continued her convalescence period through the fall/winter of her first year of life while her knee was healing. Now a beautiful 8-year old, she shows no traces of lameness and has matured to over 16h. Not only is she not lame, she is the most spectacular, powerful mover on the property. WOW!

Temperament-wise, she is a very sweet mare who always likes to be doing something. She is extremely energetic and competetive. Her favorite thing is 'race!'


(Jugueton CV x Castiza II)


1995 IALHA National Champion Mare

Infanta won the IALHA National Champion Mare title in 1995, as a 3-year old. That in itself is impressive....but it is even more so because in 1995, all mares 3 and over competed in the same class. There was no Junior Mare class at that time. So, Infanta won her title when she was barely more than a baby herself, and she won against mature, Senior mares. This is quite an accomplishment.

Infanta has a body that is close to perfection. In addition, she has a long, graceful neck and a beautiful head. With a long, deep, stretchy walk....she is a dream for the dressage enthusiast. In addition to the wonderful walk, she has wonderful ground-covering trot with plenty of lift and suspension. The icing on the cake is her affectionate, level-headed personality, which makes her a joy to be around. She is my favorite riding horse.

Her sire is the National Champion Performance Stallion, Jugueton CV. He is black/bay, so Infanta carries a color gene. Her bloodlines also include the Pandora, and her grandsire is Jugueton V, the National Champion of Spain.





Don Marco x Infanta CV


This is such a "blah" picture for such a beautiful mare, but Dona is just not cooperative when it comes to photos. She is my beautiful baby girl from my two favorite horses, Don Marco and Infanta, and she is pretty much the unanimous favorite when people come to the barn. Dona was very slow to mature, as seems to be the case with these bloodlines, but she has started to blossom. She was originally going to be part of our good friends Chuck and Connie Davenport's herd, but when it began to look like we weren't going to be able to get another foal from Infanta, Dona came back to us. She is creeping up on 16h and is as stunning as she is sweet. She is competitive, athletic and powerful and I can't wait until she finishes greying out so she'll match the rest of the herd.

Dona is progressing nicely with under saddle with our wonderful friend and trainer Brooke Storms. Dona is addicted to peppermints, and her favorite trick is to wear gloves on her ears and impersonate Bullwinkle. It's not very dignified, but it's definitely memorable.




Don Marco x Heidi


Another "blah" picture for another beautiful mare, what is it with the Don Marco girls? Antonia (we never use that name...we just call her Baby) is a cookie cutter daughter of Don Marco and our wonderful Heidi, who we lost unexpectedly this spring. She's tall and elegant with a puppy-dog personality, and she looks like a female version of Mazarati DW (see sale page).

Due to an injury while playing as a weanling, Baby can never be ridden and she occasionally walks with a limp, but she is out with the rest of the herd and is happy and healthy, aside from her injury. We are so thankful it wasn't worse. She can remain here as part of the broodmare band and pass along her beauty and genetics to another generation of Miraval foals. She and half-sister Dona, above, are definitely two showstoppers.









(Gaffizon x Abi Cutor B)


One of the most treasured mares in the barn, Gaffilee is a powerhouse Arabian mare who has already produced one National Champion by Don Marco, as well as 5 other National quality foals. She consistently produces foals with size, elegance, spectacular dressage-type movement, and best of all, tons of personality and presence.

Her sire is the legendary Gaffizon*, and she is one of only a handful of Gaffizon* daughters in the US that I have been able to locate. She is a true gift who never ceases to bring a smile to my face. She has size, substance, and boldness, all of which are passed onto her magnificent offspring.

Click here to visit Gaffilee's page, with detailed pedigree information and photos of her foals.





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